Suspicion of « parallel » connection for MHP leader Meral Akşener

15 Eylül 2016 – Metin Akyurek, Yeni Star Gazete

Ex-MP Meral Akşener has recently been expelled from the National Action Party (MHP) under persistent rumors of connection with Fetullah Gülen. Meral Akşener was fired by a disciplinary committee held on August 16. According to Halil Öztürk, the chairman of this committee, three other MHP members may be soon thrown out too.

The Nationalist Party endures a severe crisis, at least since the beginning of 2016. Actually, the strong nationalist bend adopted by President Erdogan convinced many former MHP supporters to turn their support to the ruling AKP. As a consequence, the MHP narrowly got into parliament and won the least number of seats among all parliament’s parties, just 40 out of 550, after the last November’s general election. Since then, Devlet Bahceli, Chairman of MHP, was challenged by several pretenders, among whom Meral Akşener. Continue reading

Les grandes vacances de Maxime Gauin

Le renégat négationniste a brutalement quitté la Turquie peu avant le coup d’Etat. Depuis lors, il semblerait qu’il ne soit toujours pas rentré dans sa patrie d’adoption. La question de ses liens avec FETÖ posée.

A l’approche des beaux jours, quoi de plus normal que de prendre quelques congés ? C’est sans doute ce qu’a dû se dire Maxime Gauin qui, le 8 juillet, a cru devoir annoncer avec fracas sur Twitter qu’il prenait « des vacances oh combien méritées ».


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