Maxime Gauin and its antisemitic connection

Scholars found recent evidences of operational role of the Armenian genocide denier

By Prof. Arthur Mc Mannee, lecturer at the Sylvester University, Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia

I have recently been informed by several lecturers and professors that an odd episode involving, the well-known renegade Maxime Gauin whose main occupation is to hire his pen for Turkey’s denial policy of the Armenian genocide.

Some Armenian activists claimed that Gauin was supported by Alain Soral, a well-known far-right militant and occasional denier of the Holocaust. From a political perspective, Soral is so extreme that he regularly denounces the famous Front National of Marine Le Pen as being too mild and leftist.

The famous Soral “quenelle”  praised by Tek

My purpose is not to detail herein the biography of Alain Soral but I have been invited to comment on the stage of this last affair. It started with a publication on Facebook made a Turkish national living in France, name Tahsin Tek. In this publication, Tek hailed Soral for having “glissé une grosse sacré grosse quenelle à la communauté arménienne organisée qui ne cesse de perturber la politique intérieur de l’Etat français ». Then, Tek expressed his support to Soral for having challenged the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust. For English speaker, it is not easy to understand what means “glissé une quenelle”, the quenelle being a typical French recipe from the Lyon area but oblong shape of this culinary preparation and associated arm gesture easily suggest the sexual analogy. Indeed, scholars specialized on Holocaust deniers explain that this is a kind of hidden “sig heil” gesture mixed up with a “f… off” one.

The fact is that Tahsin Tek is also clearly a member of the notorious Grey Wolves militias parading in France. He is too a close supporter of Maxime Gauin and the latter is hosted by the former when he comes back in France. They are so connected that Tek assisted to most of the suite filed by Gauin in France. By the way, it is quite ironical that the only supports who came to Gauin’s trial in France are Turkish nationals.

Just a tactical (though enormous) error for Gauin

As soon as Dr. Ghislain Noyer-Grandati disclosed Tek adherence to the sordid ideology of Soral, Gauin reacted promptly on Twitter claiming that it was fake news and that he “never noticed with Tahsin Tek any support or affinity with Soral”. He added that “if this so-called Facebook post is not forged, I would order Tek to correct this enormous error”.

And actually, a few minutes afterwards, the incriminated post disappeared. And that’s it : “Et voilà” would say Mr Gauin.

However, vigilant observers must notice a few points:

  1. Gauin did not condemn Tek or his post. He just asked him “to correct this enormous error”. Gauin speaks on a tactical level, not on an ethical one. he is mentioning a tactical error and by no way a moral fault. He didn’t apologize and he even not repudiated Tek for such an infamy.
  2. Gauin didn’t comment further or deny the fact the Tek was a Soral’s guy and that he was actually supported by this kind of guy.
  3. Tek swiftly obeyed to the order or Gauin and removed the controversial post. As Tek is a subaltern officer in the Grey Wolf hierarchy, it proves that Gauin has an intermediate rank and operational role in the MHP party and/or in Turkey’s deep State. Tek didn’t argue or contest or discussed. He directly obeyed to Gauin’s authoritative instructions.

These stages are therefore proving that

  1. Gauin did not make any effort to condemn Soral and his views on the Armenian genocide or on the Holocaust but that he is however embarrassed tactically speaking by such an undesired publicity
  2. Gauin has an operational role in the command chain between Turkish authorities and Grey wolves movements operating in Europe.

Antisemtic stances of Dogu Perinçek, the absolute model for Gauin

On the 1st point, Charles Vanetzian, an Armenian activist who closely monitors activities of Turkish extremists recently disclosed that the notorious nationalist leader Dogu Perinçek claimed that J.F. Kennedy had been killed by “the Jewish Fed”! No need to mention that Perinçek has constantly been hailed and supported by Gauin.

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